If you like to eat, then please be a People’s Choice Judge!

This year, for the first time ever, the Citrus & Celery Cook-Off is organized like a menu rather than by ingredients. We have 4 divisions, (1) starters, sides, and salads, (2) main course, (3) dessert, and (4) liquid refreshment. Our hope is that this will encourage more creativity in incorporating citrus and celery and help our tasters get inspired to try more of these recipes at home….perhaps one from each division, in a single Oviedo-celebrating meal!

2017 Judges

YOU! (and 99 other people) – REGISTER NOW! – The first 100 people to reserve People’s Choice Tickets comprise the panel, and these judges will be invited to come through the line to gather samples as soon as the celebrity judges have completed their task. After sampling, People’s Choice Judges will select their favorite dish from each division, and Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Mike Ertel will collect the ballots and tabulate the results.

2017 Celebrity Judges

  • Bridget Lake (Taste of Oviedo Marketing Director) – who knows citrus and celery are the reason there are enough people in Oviedo to host Taste of Oviedo
  • Dawn Jenson (President of the Oviedo Historical Society) – whose tangy tastebuds can taste our cultural roots all the better because of her love of Oviedo’s history and experience helping out at the Farmer’s Market the 1st Saturday of each month at the Lawton House (where the Oviedo Historical Society has its museum)
  • Scott Dickenson (Oviedo-Based Chef) –  whose citrusy culinary talents have tantalized tastebuds as a 3rd generation chef everywhere from Woman’s Club meetings to St. Luke’s Concert series shindigs to the Grand Cypress hotel.
  • Greg Smith (Chairman of the Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce) – whose zesty way of leading meetings inspires local businesses to keep their customer service crisp as celery.
  • Mary Pando (Publisher of the Oviedo-Winter Springs Life Magazine) – who knows the importance of community and the ingredients that make it special
  • Frederic Krueger (Designee of the Oviedo Preservation Project) – whose salty skills at photographing Oviedo help him appreciate the looks of citrus and celery, just as much as its taste.
  • Dominic Persampiere (Mayor of Oviedo) – who can vouch for citrus and celery being the reason Oviedo exists as it does today.
  • Leigh-Ann Tepper (Proprietor of the Townhouse Restaurant and former cook-off chef) – whose love of biking is powered by citrus & celery.


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